Plumbing repair services

Plumbing Repair

Some of the services which we provide include:-

  1. Re-piping:- Re-piping is the process of replacing old galvanized pipes with new copper pipes. This is done to avoid any leakage or corrosion of the materials.
  • We guarantee parts/materials for at least one year or longer, and labor for 30 days.
  1. Water heaters or Tank less water heaters:- water heaters are one of the most popular types of water heating system for the home. we provide services like – Relocation of existing water heaters, periodic maintenance, and Emergency services.
  1. Drain cleaning:-Even well-maintained drains clog, no matter how much baking soda and vinegar you pour down in there gets problematic. We provide with the best solution to make your drains a clean one.
  2. Water leakage:- Water leakage often comes from the joints of the pipe which makes the pipes rusted hence making the water polluted and may create health hazards. Our team does Re-piping in order to make the water leakage go away.

Call us today and let one of our plumbing Teams give you a free in-home estimate, and show you how we can re-pipe your home or building the right way, and for less money – guaranteed. ​

MaxHome Services Included :
  • Water Leakage Repair
  • Burst Pipe Repairing
  • Sink/Basin Taps Repairing & Replacing
  • Wash Basin, Sink Repairing & Replacing
  • Toilet/Urinal Bowl Blockage Clearing & Repairing
  • Flexible Hose Changing, Repairing
  • Bottle Trap Changing & Repairing
  • Water Heater Repairing & Replacing
  • Water Pump Leakage Fixing
  • PPR Pipe Fixing, Repairing & Replacing
  • PVC Pipe Fixing & Replacing
  • Water Pump Repairing & Replacing