Gazebo installation


We at HOME TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS LLC, is one of the best Home Maintenance Company in Dubai, and also best AC Maintenance Dubai services in Dubai, you can install an AC in an enclosed space, Outside. We should avoid units installed under a deck or porch. It’s not ideal, but will work. The take care this kind of issues, is that the warm being discharged will delflect down and be reintroduced into the unit. This will not cause the warm air to be sent into the house, but it could lower the electrical efficiency of the unit. The outside unit needs ambiant temp air to help cool the refigerant after it has been compressed. Having warm refigerent sent into the house will cause the unit to work harder to cool. We provide AC repair in Dubai on fast pace basis.

At HOME TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS LLC we take care and if the enclosed space has good ventilation continuously irrespective of being enclosed, you can install outdoor unit in the enclosed space. If the space is not ventilated then, there will be hot air short cycling resulting in discharge pressure increasing to the trip limit. Subsequently, the unit would trip and can be turned on after sometime. This repetitive tripping will not give you the desired conditioning effect. This rise in discharge pressure is synonymous to rise of blood pressure and it’s effect on the human heart. Relate heart with the compressor. Compressor is liable to fail. If you don’t have an option to install the outdoor unit at all then try intermittently sprinkling water on a gunny cloth held at a distance of around 200 mm at the air inlet side of the condenser but do ensure that water does not spray on the fins.